Soooo…Why Hemp and Bamboo?

The popularity of environmentally friendly clothing is on the rise with consumers desire to find the friendliest material to wear, while also being comfortable. When researching online, its not uncommon to find the classic debate of hemp VERSUS bamboo, but what if we put the two together? What if we stopped comparing the two like one is better than the other and combine them to get the best of both world’s? That is what we are doing here, putting a stop to comparing which plant is best and having them work together. So we did!

Each plant has its own benefits. Bamboo is one of the softest materials and hemp stays strong, even after washing. Bamboo has insulating properties and hemp retains color better than any other fabric. Both contain antimicrobial properties to help with odor and are breathable. Environmentally, bamboo is self-replenishing so there is no need for it to be replanted and hemp cleans around the soil it is planted. Both plants use significantly less water and little to no pesticides are needed during growth.

With all of the environmental and personal benefits that hemp and bamboo bring to the table, why wouldn’t we combine these materials? Fusing these plants together will only continue to benefit the environment and allow consumers the positive experiences of wearing the product.


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