How Hemp and Bamboo Clothing Save Water!

At HBC we chose to make our clothes out of hemp and bamboo for more than just the fact that the fabrics are incredibly soft and comfortable. We tailored our choices around 3 main ideas.

1) Creating soft sustainable clothing that is comfortable and durable
2) Pricing our products so that everyone has a chance to afford quality eco-friendly products
3) Ensuring we having a positive environmental impact as a company

Cotton is the most frequently used fabric for clothing today but just 1 cotton T-shirt requires approximately 2,700 thousand liters (713.26 Gallons) of water!

In Comparison
1 Hemp T-shirt requires only 1/2 as much water as cotton
1 Bamboo T-shirt requires requires only 1/3rd as much water as cotton
Not only that but Bamboo plantations can actually raise ground water because the water bamboo does not use, it gives back to the soil! 

With only 2.5-3% of the water on earth being freshwater, only 31% of that is accessible for use. Bringing the total available freshwater down to only 1%!

In a world where such a vital resource is in short supply, we want to do our part by replacing thirsty cotton with better options that everyone can afford!

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